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Each day I've been running a 20m ethernet cable from my router to the 'office' at the opposite end of our flat. It's unsightly and a trip hazard so I'm looking for a workaround. I've tried a wifi extender placed midway in the hallway, but the speed drops from 80MB to ~2MB.

I've recently removed all of our carpet, leaving clear floorboards from one end to the other. I'm wondering how feasible it is to run the cable beneath them. The flats split level so there's a small set of stairs to navigate, and it's a long way...

Before probing further, I wondered whether anybody else has done this, or similar? It looks like a lot of work and may not be worth while, but thought somebody may have a clever trick up their sleeve. Electricians must have tackle jobs like this regularly.


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Hi I had similar issue like probably most of the world right now. I contacted Marek on here and  he sorted it out with a really good WiFi booster. I live in a Victorian ground floor flat so the walls are thick and the doors closed and it seems to have done the trick re good WiFi coverage. I used a Netgear booster before and it was useless.

Not sure if you have tried this avenue? 

Hi Emma, I bought a TP-Link extender. It has mixed reviews but is utterly useless here. Similar to yourself, there are six Victorian era walls and several fire-rated doors between myself and the router.

A wifi mesh system might be a viable, but costly option. I'm weighing up the pro's and con's of either running a cable as above or investing in a more modern network. I may well drop Marek a message – thanks for the suggestion.

It might be worth looking at a powerline adaptor.  You plug in one gizmo near the router and it sends the signal through your electric circuit, another gizmo plugs in where you need the signal.  I've been using one for most of the past year and so far it's been OK.  Might be work a try before you pull up all the floorboards and the number of walls shouldn't matter.  Mine's a TP link AV600.

Seconded. They work seamlessly.

Hi Will, that's good to hear. What sort of speeds to you receive? Reliable connection too? 

Tom – would be great to hear your thoughts also.

Thanks again.

I've used a powerline for years, you do lose some speed, but its much better than Wifi.  I could easily stream 1080p movie without any buffering from the other side of the house.

The connection is as reliable as having your computer directly plugged into the router.

Thanks Tom, I looked at a couple of these a while back before purchasing the 20M ethernet. Wasn't convinced our flats wiring would carry a strong enough signal.. but could be wrong. Considering their low cost they could be worth a shot. Bought the cable as a quick fix (still using it six months later) – I had about 2TB's of footage to download asap so didn't want to risk a sketchy connection.

I wasn't sure that mine would work as we're in a victorian conversion with a new build extension, so thought the power wiring might be too complex, but it's been fine, even with the first gizmo plugged into a 4 gang extension (which it says will weaken the signal).  I've just run a test and I'm getting 11.6mb download and 13.6 upload off it now.  Can't vouch for your wires though! 

Thanks for checking that Tom, much appreciated. I'd need at least 50MB for work not to grind to a halt, so think I can safely rule out powerline adaptors.

It doesn't work like that. Bandwidth between powerline adapters will be limited by the wiring, regardless of the internet speed. If the net connection is slow the powerline stuff could actually be faster.

What model is your WiFi booster Emma?

It’s a devolo 500 mbps



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