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According to the Sunday Telegraph (so it must be true!) Ruby Tandoh lives in Harringay and loves the Turkish shops. Has anyone spotted her? Which is her fave? We love ya Ruby so take no notice of any rubbish you hear ...

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Who ?

Oh. Thanks Google

Who ? please don't tell they're a tv 'personality'

She appeared on a television baking competition. She received rather a lot of negative press coverage mainly it seems for being young, talented and beautiful. She was well liked among my circle of friends for her self-deprecating and cynical humour.
She wrote a great article in the Guardian about her experiences, can't believe some of the cramp she got.

Have never seen her round here though!

Kimberly has been seen at Harringay Market a few times. I thought Ruby was in Southend..

It seems Ruby was brought up in Southend. But the Telegraph article says she lives in a flat in Harringay. You're not suggesting that the Sunday Telegraph would mix up two women of black origin are you? Ha ha xx

It may be true - apparently the young people are on their way!

I've seen her in the Sainsburys so think she does.  

Yes I have! I spotted her in Sainsbury's on Green Lanes last month just before the final of GBBO. She looked a little moody to be honest and had her mobile stuck to her ear.And believe it or not she was in the baking section!

Yep that's her.

Harringay Sainsburys on each of the last three Sundays




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