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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

In this discussion where HoLfolk are welcoming a new member from nearby West Tottenham and discussing some bars/restaurants she might try, Dermot floated the idea of a HoLRoughGuide to Harringay/Haringey.

"Whatcha all reckon?", Dermot asks.

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Time to big up Haringey! Need to check if you are talking about the whole borough or Harringey local?
If borough wide then I think we have some amazing open spaces on our doorstep. Has anyone been to the Big Bowl Noodle Bar on Philip Lane? Huge portions at good prices!
I would be happy to take some great pictures of some of the venues if it goes ahead.
The question of area is open at the moment. As for Big Bowl Noodle Bar, it's another place that doesn't come up on the listings sites. If you like it, register on Qype and big it up, neh?
I think we need to big up the whole Borough - Amanda you are right there are some fantastic open spaces and from everything I have heard some great places to eat as well as places to go - Harringay gets a lot of bad press - particularly Tottenham end and Green lanes so it would be great if we could encourage people to come from other areas to eat or visit. We could just usher them past the eyesore of Wood Green shopping centre - sorry I just really hate it!
We should put Harringay on the map.
thanks for tip about the noodle bar as well another one to add to my list!

Dredging this thread from the past to add another recommendation for Big Bowl Noodle on Philip lane. Still doing excellent food at cheap prices (filling food+beer+tip for ten pounds). 



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