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My friend is looking for rotten wood to fill in a new planter he's made in his garden. Anyone needs to get rid of old wood? 

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I have some, from rotten railway sleepers. I am tidying up the garden today and tomorrow if you want to come and grab it. I am in Duckett Road 

Thanks. Only just saw this, was away. Guess I missed it? Would have to check these are ok (might be treated?). 

They are mostly crumbled bits of wood. Inside plastic bags in front garden at 52 Duckett road. 

Thanks. Just checked with my friend and he wants wood, like branches, not timber (treated I think). Will pass on your message nonetheless. 

Someone was trying to get rid of a rotting garden shed on here yesterday. The post was called something like 'garden waste removal'.

Thanks, will look it up. 

I have some well rotted scaffold boards. would that do? 

Hi thanks, he needs something more organic, like branches, not treated. 



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