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Has anyone else noticed the rooster near Burgoyne Road?  I am finding it quite an effective alarm clock!


Seriously though - is it bothering anyone else? The 5am wakeup calls have been driving me mad over the last month.



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I suspect you would have to go to court to get an injunction. You would have to prove persistent unreasonable noise.
After another 4am wakeup (and 405, 410, 415 etc) this morning, I am now fully committed to the cause. Council, court, whatever. If anyone has any intel on the location of this rooster (or reports of it annoying you), please PM me. I am now keeping a log.
Have a word with your local friendly fox ?

When I used to live on Umfreville Road, our neighbour at no.16 (corner with Woollaston) decided that as well as keeping several chickens in his courtyard rear garden, it would be a good idea to get a cockerel too. He claimed he needed a cockerel as otherwise his chickens wouldn't lay eggs! 

As our bedroom was at the back of the house looking down on the courtyard, needless to say, it didn't take long before we were forced to take evasive action. So I phoned the council (can't recall which department but may have been noise enforcement) who said that it definitely wasn't legal considering the inevitable noise. Armed with that information, I told the neighbour that it just wasn't on and a few days later, the rooster was mysteriously silenced, never to be heard (or seen) again.

So it may be worth hanging around that corner (at 5am) to see if our old neighbour is up to his farmyard ways again.

That's some good intelligence Bushy! 16 is reasonably close to where we live, although I thought the noise was coming from downhill, not uphill.  I will wander around there on the next non-rainy morning.

if you can find out who has the Rooster/cockerel, you might suggest this solution, roosters crow at lights, the sun in the morning, other lights at night. it seems that lowering the roof of their cages so they cannot hold their heads up high is the best, also before lowering the ceiling try completely darkening their cage at night time.

Hope that helps, Sleep deprivation is torture.

good luck.


Isn't lowering their cage roof so their head and neck movement are restricted slightly torturous? Obviously sympathise with the early morning disturbances but encouraging animal cruelty doesn't seem a reasonable solution. Try ear plugs, good ones generally block out most noise and should facilitate a decent nights sleep whilst you're trying to get the problem solved through official channels..

Ear plugs are indeed great but, as anyone working for the fire brigade will tell you, not for regular use as they may prevent you from hearing your smoke alarm.


Air rifle perhaps? (only kidding)

Have you been to see whether it's in the garden of 16 Umfreville?

has anyone reported it to the noise enforcement team at the council yet? that would seem to be the first step. They can help try and work out where it is coming from but only if they know it is happening.


I am on Burgoyne but north side so have not heard it yet.

I don't think it's there - I was outside for about 90 minutes the other morning, and am fairly sure it is on the Green Lanes side of the New River
I have contacted the council, and am waiting to hear from them. have not been able to locate the bird yet.



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