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Has anyone else noticed the rooster near Burgoyne Road?  I am finding it quite an effective alarm clock!


Seriously though - is it bothering anyone else? The 5am wakeup calls have been driving me mad over the last month.



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 Greatm everyone who can hear it should complain, it makes them take it more seriously and also helps them pin down where it is coming from.


from the council:

"If you have an immediate noise complaint, call the Enforcement Response Team on 020 8348 3148 (evenings and weekends) or 020 8489 1000 during office hours. The service's core hours of operation are Sunday to Thursday 9am to 3am, Friday and Saturdays 9am to 4am."

UPDATE: Complained the the Council, who have advised that they can't do anything unless we know the address of Chez Rooster.  My detective work has come to nothing - so in order to progress this, we need an address. Anybody have any intel? (via PM pls)
I've tried without success to locate the Rooster's address. Without it, the Council can't/won't do anything...
Have you gone door to door knocking on Umfreville and Burgoyne to speak to everyone? When we had a problem with a cat/fox alarm that was emitting a constant high pitched whine, that's how we tracked it down. The problem is the Ladder gardens are enclosed by long stretches of terraced houses, so sound bounces around in strange ways, making it hard to pin down the source of noise.

Malcolm, so everyone living around can assist, perhaps you'd post copies of your key email correspondence with Council staff in the noise team or elsewhere in the Space, Time and Cockcrowing Environment Department. What specific information have they asked for? Have they taken the problem seriously?

(Tottenham Hale Ward Councillor)

Thanks Alan - I think they were taking it seriously, but absent the address, they weren't in a position to do anything.  Realistically, I don't think the option of us calling when the noise occurred and then waiting for a few hours for the officer to turn up would assist, as the crowing is erratic (which is part of the reason it is so annoying) so by the time the officer arrived, they would have to sit around at our place waiting for it to start up again (and in any event, we would probably have to leave to go to work). Hence my crowdsourcing - it someone lives next door or within a few doors of it, they should be able to zero in on the address (and, hopefully, PM it to me, so as not to fall foul (fowl?) of HOL guidelines):


"I refer to your recent complaint about noise coming from the above premises. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to website complaints immediately.


If you can locate the address at where the cockerel is we will write to the owners, but if this is not possible please follow the procedures below.


To contact the service, please telephone 020 8348 3148 if out of hours or if the problem occurs during the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, please contact our day time customer services team on 020 8489 1000.


Noise related and other relevant calls will be passed to the duty enforcement officer. You will be advised if there is no officer on duty.


If there is an officer on duty it is our aim to call back complainants within 30 minutes and in any event within an hour. If there is agreement between the duty officer and the complainant that a visit is appropriate then an arrangement is made for an assessment visit to be undertaken. We aim to visit within 1 hour and currently achieve this 70% of the time. At the assessment visit the duty officer is able to give feedback on any proposed action and offer advice on action that should be taken if future noise is experienced."


And, after several months' absence, the Rooster is now back to bring early morning festive cheer to all, whether you want it or not.  I have narrowed its location down to somewhere on the North side of Burgoyne or the South side of Umfreville, between the New River and the Passage, but haven't been able to find anything more specific.  If anyone has a more accurate location pls PM me so that I can ask the Council to do their thing... 

So where did this cock take its holidays - Turkey perhaps?  Probably avoiding the festive slaughter. Any of you guys consider that it may be a parrot pretending to be a rooster?

I understand it spent its life savings on a trip of a lifetime to Cornwall, only to be bitterly disappointed when it arrived and discovered it was not in fact made of corn. Back to the day job now - early starts, late finishes, unappreciative neighbours etc. 



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