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I am a 26 year old professional guy looking for a double room in a house on the Ladder.

I like (what I consider to be..) the usual things - sport, history, politics, travelling, real ale, good food. I'm fairly sociable but I'm also quite happy to keep myself to myself if needs be. I'm pretty quiet on the whole and fairly busy so wouldn't spend hours lazing around making the place look untidy!

I'm tidy, responsible and basically, not an idiot.

I've lived in the area for the last 3 years (aside from a brief jaunt around the world) in two different places on Allison Road. I've grown kind of attached to the area and don't want to leave!

If anyone has, or knows of anything available either now or coming up over the next 6 weeks, it'd be great to hear from you!

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I am still looking too for a bedsit or a studio.

And it's getting critical for me as I have to be by the end of the month.

My double bedroom (Sydney rd) should become available in about 6-10 weeks - its too early to know the exact date. My housemates seem to prefer girls but they can be charmed, i think. If you're still looking in 4 weeks, drop me a message. Good luck.

Reply to this post via Twitter from the landlord of The Great Northern Railway Tavern:

Now that is interesting! I follow Tony on twitter, will get in touch.

Milda, thanks for your reply too, if I'm still looking then I'll let you know.

Keep them coming folks!


I have a double room in gardens area - Roseberry gardens to be precise. Would be living with 3 25 yr old guys with similar interests to you. We work for a homelessness charity, think tank and the Candain Embassy. Price for room is 460 inc bills (inc sky sports). Room will be available from start of November.

Let me know if it sounds interesting.


Hi George - sounds absolutely ideal actually - I just tried to send you a message but I need to be 'connected' with you or something, if you could accept my request I'll drop you a message. Cheers!

It's crunch time for me now - I need to find somewhere and move in the next fortnight! If anyone has a room available or knows of anything please let me know.

Cheers, Mark

Sorry, there has been a delay and I wont be moving out until December :(

Good luck!

This was out on Twitter last night:

Like Reggie in the other thread I too am still on the lookout for a room on the Ladder, thanks to anyone that has helped out so far but no luck as yet :(

Hi there. We have a flat on Atterbury road feel free to ring me on 07779337693.




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