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Lee Murphy recently replaced our main roof and re-felted the rear flat roof. Did a really good job and explains the options, so you know what you're getting - and we now know more about roofs than we  thought possible. 

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Could you share his contact details and/or website etc please Nicky? Thanks!

Click the tag under the post.

Cheers Ian - totally missed the tag!

Missed the obvious which is Lee’s number 079 7373 5590 - though expect you’ve already found it from the tag!

Another thorough recommendation for Lee.

This post on Friday reminded me to get in touch with him for a small non-urgent job. Despite being busy he came round later that day to take a look, and did the work Sunday morning.

Efficient and very reasonably priced.

Lee seems to ask a lot of people to recommend him on this site. I'm afraid we did not have such a good experience: he promised us a receipt (which we needed because we were sharing the cost with someone else and they also needed a receipt) but never delivered it. We chased and chased but he just ignored us. You can't just ignore your customers, especially if they are only asking for something you promised to do! I would suggest that anyone who is in the position of needing a receipt for the work gets one from him in person before, or at the same time as, handing over the money.

In the meantime, we're looking for a more reliable roofer. We've used Horncastle in the past but would be glad to support another local, independent roofer (who do what they say they will!).

Only just seen your message Tullie, and sorry to hear about your experience. You're right, Lee was very keen for us to recommend him, but we did get a receipt for the interim and final payments. I've sometimes found with HoL with some other recommendations that they've done good jobs for others, but then never reply to us... hope you've had the work done to your satisfaction now.



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