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We have mice or more probably rats on our ground floor. Two spotted recently.  I have sealed air vents and found a hole in the rear wall caused I think by ants and sealed it up. I have laid glue traps all over but no luck. I think rats because they look quite big(mice are tiny) and hardly any droppings anywhere. I am about to admit defeat. Haringey offers treatment at £116 which seems reasonable. Anyone got experience of them vs private contractors?

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Just tried Haringey 'no one is available to take your call at present, please call back at another time'

Unfortunately rats live wherever humans live. They are very known for ability to damage homes, food and to spread disease. One of the way to control rats is to make their access to your home as much as impossible. You can contact Exterminator Brooklyn NY to get rid of them. They are well experienced to handle extermination situation related to rats.


Borrow a cat from Wood Green animal shelter to get rid of your rodent problem

I have since blocked all access points with steel wool, and it seems to have worked.



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