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Hi all,

not sure if you saw, but the Kilburn boy who done good - Bradley Wiggins - was asked yesterday night in an interview about what he thought about cycle safety. He replied that that there should be a law forcing people to wear cycling helmnets. I am not going to get into that here but let's just say the debate is lively. (this for example).

The Guardian as part of the discussion have reposted a map online of 11 years of deaths and injuries mapped and visualised.

Here is the enlargement for our area.

So what do I get from that at first glance?

1. Pedestrains are most likely to be a fatality.

2. I wouldn't want to ride a motorbike along Green Lanes

3. The three primary schools seem to do a great job on road safety despite many parents breaking parking rules when dropping kids off.

4. I always suspected the roundabout at Alroy/Endymion Road was dangerous for cyclists. Englarge it and you see 2 serious cycling injuries.

(Of course I dont know the difference yet between what they catagorize a "serious" injury, or a "slight" injury).


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This is very interesting Mark!

Really interesting! Of course, often some of the most dangerous and threatening roads for pedestrians and cyclists appear to be quite safe in statistics because people tend to to increase their level of caution when using those roads. I you ask people the question of which roads are dangerous to cross or cycle down and which aren't then you would get a very different map, potentially, to the one shown. I don't believe that we should wait for someone to be killed on a road while cycling before action is taken of cyclists regularly complain that a particular road or junction feels more dangerous to use. Same for pedestrians. Afterall, statistically speaking, the safest roads to cross in the country are motorways. Very few pedestrian fatalities... You first, though :)

Wow, it's carnage in the Gardens. No wonder it was gated.

If you look carefully (i.e. zoom in) you can see that the pedestrian fatalities along Green Lanes are mostly the young (3) and potential Freedom Pass holders. Perhaps we should make helmet wearing compulsory for this group?

And yet while cities such as Bristol and boroughs such as Islington adopt a speed limit on almost all roads of 20mph, Haringey stated there was no money to do so.  To be honest I don't expect much from TfL who only seem interested in removing pedestrian crossings and retiming signals to 'smooth traffic flow', but the council don't appear to be doing anything either - lots of consultations, nice words and 'Smarter Travel' promotions, but nothing which makes it any safer for me to walk/cycle anywhere.



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