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What is going in with all these road closures. They are everywhere in the borough, most of them being Thames Water. White Hart Lane N17 is closed and now they're closing Lordship Lane making travel from the east of the borough to the west a bloody nightmare. Obviously its the holiday season but the amount of works going on is unacceptable. I've seen temp lights put up in multiple areas for pavement work where they could just keep both sides of the road open. Frustrating. 

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Practising for the borough-wide LTN the council wants to create.....?

(Older readers may remember Candid Camera setting up a "practice" level crossing on an otherwise unobstructed road - with no railway line, obviously.)

You should have seen the chaos on Monday when the St Anns LTN scheme started. Poor signage, signage that made no sense etc etc. Now there is a proposal to build almost a thousand homes on the St Anns hospital site which will add nicely I'm sure to road usage. Once the holidays are over and schools are back get ready for gridlock on Green Lanes as all the traffic along St Anns Road is pushed that way. Oh, and all the increased pollution from the overcrowded main roads will simply mean that the LTN's increase, not decrease, the Borough's pollution levels. The schemes are really just green wash. Just like the mad cycle lanes that stop for no reason or push cyclists onto the pavement.

There is a petition on the Council's website to withdraw the LTN scheme so please feel free to sign it if you'd like your air a little bit cleaner.

Also, if you like risky journeys here a photo of the weight restriction over the Avenue Road old railway bridge. The weight limit is 7.5 tons. Haringey Council refuse/recycling trucks weigh 26 tons minimum and regularly use the bridge. The "consultation" on the LTN took no notice of this.


This is a another way Haringey council can issue more PCN. How is this going help with air quality as it is going to create more traffic on west green road, green lane, st Ann's road and other roads around LTN area.

This is  MONEY MAKING SCHEME by Haringey council. If we don't stop it NOW it will be everywhere in Haringey.

Please fill in the petition to end this now and also write to your MP.



But surely revenue raising is a good thing? It's more money to spend on improving council services.

Sadly the rules on money raised from parking fines etc must almost exclusively be spent on roads. It's a virtuous or vicious, depending on your outlook, circle. More income from fines means more money to spend on, er more schemes to create more income from road use. Hence the Council's desire for LTN's as they have the cash and can look good by saying they are pushing green issues with it. The truth is that they are alienating and dividing local people and creating more not less pollution from road vehicles. The Council can pretend to offer green initiatives and people near the main roads must choke on it. I tried to make this point to a supporter of LTN's and was told that people will have to learn to walk which is I guess the modern variant of "let them eat cake".

This will create more pollution on main road and also st Ann's LTN area as everyone has to drive more to get from A to B. And will cause more traffic jams and create more pollution. Which bit Haringey council don't understand or is about money.

This St Ann's LTN is to reduce pollution and improve air quality.this will Increase pollution and make quality air worse. Driving extra miles will not improve environment. This is  for Haringey council to make money. 



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