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I was recently told there supposedly is a restaurant with a "secret" bar on the Green Lanes, however the person telling me this could not recall the name of it or the exact location on the road. Does anyone know of such restaurant? I was told you would have to pass through a fake bookcase or something, and that the front of the restaurant was very small.

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Secret beer garden and roof terrace at Brouhaha maybe? The bar is entirely visible from the street and not secret. 

Nothing secretive about Brouhaha but very nice

king kebabs, the only original kebab shop on green lanes to survive over the years. Yes there is a secret drinking room out the back, rough as rough, sells only efse beer. Open until stupid o clock, spent many a night there in my youth, many years ago.

There’s definitely a “secret” door masquerading as a bookcase from the original side of Brou into their downstairs beer garden.

It’s also accessible from the bar of the newer side, as Emma said, by going past the rear seating to the patio doors, which isn’t nearly as secret, but that side isn’t always open so it may not be as obvious.



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