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I was recently told there supposedly is a restaurant with a "secret" bar on the Green Lanes, however the person telling me this could not recall the name of it or the exact location on the road. Does anyone know of such restaurant? I was told you would have to pass through a fake bookcase or something, and that the front of the restaurant was very small.

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I'm intrigued. What/where is this?

yes please I want to know too... *asking for a friend

I beleive it's King Kebabs at 413. It has a bar out the back that you wouldn't notice first glance. No secret bookcase I am sad to say. It's a little north of Burgoyne.

Thanks, could very well be!

I've had,  albeit 15 year's ago, some amazing nights in the back of King Kebabs. 

I use King Kebabs quite frequently (best kebab in town) but have never been in the back. Most of the people I've seen coming nd going are middle-aged men. I've always assumed it was used for some sort of gambling. There used to be a numbers of 'FC's in Green Lanes where Turks and Cypriots used to like to hang out and play cards or backgammon or just gossip.

Best kebab in town? I’m intrigued - what’s its edge? 

Haha in most places it would problably be something worth experiencing...here I can only imagine some dodgy planning permission workaround with a bunch of shisha and some imitation hipster interiors...

Heh, sounds about right.

It’s the Brouhaha (501 Green Lanes) which is a bar/restaurant that has an amazing upstairs terrace and huge ground level outside area which you can access through the bookcase. It’s also attached to Brouhaha Cellar which has an array of wines and great presseco. It’s a great bar and comes highly recommended. 

Yip ... the correct answer and completely lawful :)

Yes, I was thinking about this as well, but I don't think it's very secret? I've been there a few weeks ago and can't recall a bookcase, but perhaps I just missed it.



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