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Out in Harringay today and noticed way too many people are ignoring or have no understanding of social distancing. In Sainsbury's today people were too close together in the queues. When I maintained the recommended 2 metre distance someone took the opportunity to jump in front of me in the queue!!! Already bad tempered as a result of all of this and this made me even more angry.

Then in the local grocery shop again saw many people huddled too closely for comfort. A man and his two sons came in and stood way too close as I was paying and totally ignored me when I said it was too close.

I am sure none of us want even tougher measures put in place as our movements are already restricted so it would be great if everyone could just be a bit more mindful when they are on a (rare) trip out.

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I went to Lidl yesterday for my weekly shop, people seemed to be standing too close waiting to get in, so was really glad I could wave my nhs badge at the security, and jump the queue. Get in and get out as quick as possible. Made sure to tell everyone to keep there distance, including store staff. But yes too much loitering even in the store. Personally I think they will end up locking us all down for a couple of weeks due to too many flouting the rules. Just keep reminding people whenever you are out. Just do it in a kind way, and even tell them you are a medic. Sometimes white lies are good

Christ I would have completely lost it at the woman if that had happened to me. I think the staff at the local shops need to also be pro-active, just like the supermarkets now seems to be doing,  about this and tell customers to stand apart. Or put up signs everywhere at the very least. 



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