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Hi all,

Sorry if this is a daft question but unsurprisingly the Council website has not furnished me with an answer. I'm a new driver so first time I've encountered this issue too. I live on the Gardens and want to buy a car but am confused over how I can park safely (and locally) for the period of time in between getting the car and getting my resident's parking permit? 

I'm sure I've seen cars parked nearby with signs in the window like "permit in post", etc but that doesn't seem like a reliable solution? Also, what are people's experience's of waiting times to receive the permit after application? Roughly how long did it take to turn up? I'm sure (like everything else) this will take longer than normal to process thanks to COVID. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Morning David, I called the councils main line – 020 8489 1000. Parking is Option 4 if I remember correctly. You should be able to request a call back. In my experience this took around half and hour.

The permit is only a print at home PDF, as soon as they've received and reviewed your documents (via the telephoneapplications email is the fastest way to get these through) they should be able to issue immediately.

It took a couple of calls to chase up and check on progress, but got there in the end. Staff did their best with the somewhat archaic system.

Good luck. N.

Just FYI for anyone else having the same problems, I was finally able to get through to someone at the Wood Green Customer Service Centre on 020 8489 2280. They put me through to a very helpful chap named Michael who was able to sort my whole permit over the phone (although it took 40 minutes). In true comedy style, his headset didn't work properly so I couldn't really hear him for most of the call but we got their in the end. If you need to send any docs to them, use telephoneapplication@haringey.gov.uk - note that it is 'application' singular - no 's' in there. They should acknowledge your email with an auto reply so you know its got through OK. 



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