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Hi all,

Sorry if this is a daft question but unsurprisingly the Council website has not furnished me with an answer. I'm a new driver so first time I've encountered this issue too. I live on the Gardens and want to buy a car but am confused over how I can park safely (and locally) for the period of time in between getting the car and getting my resident's parking permit? 

I'm sure I've seen cars parked nearby with signs in the window like "permit in post", etc but that doesn't seem like a reliable solution? Also, what are people's experience's of waiting times to receive the permit after application? Roughly how long did it take to turn up? I'm sure (like everything else) this will take longer than normal to process thanks to COVID. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Buy a load of visitor permits?

Hi David

Not a daft question and one that could be clearer on website 

You can apply for a Temp permit 


Any problems or questions then call 0208 489 1000 (there might be a queue as people are calling more now than going to the customer service centres but if you call before 3pm you can request a call back and you stay in the queue but can hang up and the council calls you when it’s your turn)

Thanks for your response, Seema.

Applications for temp permits still require specific Vehicle details / Vehicle Registration Mark so I'm no clearer on how I get round this beyond buying months of visitor permits. I'm waiting for the council to respond. Thanks

Hi David 

If you drop me an email I’ll find the right person to resolve 


I can’t remember how I did it. I think I just went into the Library and got mine over the counter. I suppose that’s not an option right now. Whatever you do, don’t try leaving a note; you’ll definitely get a ticket. Try asking on @ContactHaringey on Twitter. Usually pretty responsive. 

Hi, I've unfortunately had to buy a new car (ULEZ), so have found ourselves with a similar quandary.

I tried to purchase a new residential permit yesterday but the online form continuously crashed. I called the council this morning and was told to forward the relevant documents to this address: 'telephoneapplications@haringey.gov.uk'.

I was told I'd be contacted in approx 5 days time, once the docs have been reviewed and will be asked to phone again to make payment. No idea how long the permit will then take to be issued – on the day I hope. It's exactly the same process to apply for a temp permit (defies their purpose?).

In the meantime, I was told I had the choice of using visitor permits or parking the car miles away from the house in an unregulated parking zone. Great. Fortunately I have seven daily visitor permits, but get the feeling that's not going to be enough. Going to order some more now and hope that they, or the new residents permit appear in time.

I'll report back and let you know how it goes – If you haven't already, I suggest you purchase some visitor permits.

From what I can deduce, you need proof of ownership of the car to get a regular residents parking permit but only the car reg and proof of address to get a temp permit. I rang the council last week and they advised I get some visitor day passes now and then call them up for a temp permit once I've bought the car. Then while I'm waiting on the car docs for proof of ownership from DVLA, I can request a temp permit... while I'm waiting on that, I have to use the visitor passes. They said a temp permit would only take 4/5 working days to arrive. Its a right faff, TBH. 

If you're on Twitter (or prepared to open an account), comments suggest that @ContactHaringey seem to be about the most effective way of getting a productive response for the council.

It's a nightmare for me (IT savvy me) and for my neighbour (not at all IT savv⁶y) it's just impossible. 

I have uploaded my concessionary proof 10 times now ...drivers licence etc..it keeps deleting it all and returning me to square one. 

Sapphire Blue, it appears that you've commented in the middle of a thread from a year ago.
Not that there seem to be any improvements judging by newer examples of problems with the Parking "Service".

In the meantime you may have a Sunday smile reading Mr Mustard's website yesterday 22 Jan. https://lbbspending.blogspot.com/2022/01/haringey-council-miss-tric...

"You just can't phone parking departments these days, they all hide and don't give out phone numbers or email addresses. The 'best' you will get is a webform which Mr Mustard regards as a straitjacket and you don't know when you might get a reply to an enquiry which could be dealt with in one minute on the phone."

We received our annual permit this morning, 10 days after submitting the application. Not too bad, but have spent more using daily permits in the meantime than the cost of the 12 month counterpart. I wasn't contacted after submitting my application (and didn't get to the bottom of the website becoming non-responsive) but having called a couple of times to check on progress can say the staff were polite and helpful. The call back service was particularly handy.

Thanks for the update, Neil. I'm facing the same problem right now. Council website lets you get right through the permit application process and then crashes at the last stage. Seems it's still not fixed. I'm spending a fortune on visitor permits in the meantime. Could you let me know what phone number you were able to reach them on? I'll email them at 'telephoneapplications@haringey.gov.uk' now and try and get it in motion. 



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