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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Publisher wants a researcher to compile three lists over the next week:

1. Lies we were told about Brexit

2. Lies were told about covid-19 and the pandemic phenomenon

In both cases, I want lies tabulated under date and speaker: who told the lie, when it was told - plus source - working backwards from the most recent.  

3. Trump's lies

Again, date and source.

Contact me for further information: editor@envelopebooks.co.uk


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Do you want a list of the lies that turned out not to be lies at all but fakes ?

Could you say a bit more so I understand better what you're saying - and are you offering to do this or just raising the question?

I was wondering how biased this is to be. Do you want a list of alleged lies that turned out to be true ?

Neil, do you propose to get back to me about this? Please now reply to editor@envelopebooks.co.uk - I can't keeping dodging across to harringayonline

Well, gosh: that would be interesting. Trump lies that turned out to be true would be very much what I'd be interested in, but your validation of them would have to be copper-bottomed. Could you give me three examples, so I can get a better sense of what you have in mind. And please continue this by email: editor@envelopebooks.co.uk

Are you offering to do this or just making a point?



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