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I've received a 'Comment' to my Profile that is very likely to be a direct phishing attempt

My report to the 'feedback' email has been bounced back [ Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281) ] so how do I progress this?


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Thanks. Sorry about the bounce. That’s my email provider  They just moved platforms and messed up some email addresses  

Thanks for reporting the spam/phishing. One of my Neighbours reported it and I’ve already deleted the person. Our defences have been pretty good, but this one person got through. Luckily it happens very rarely on her again online. When it does happen if you let me know, I will deal with it immediately.



Thank you for being so diligent. By the time I'd got around to looking into reporting it, I saw that the post had already been removed. You didn't even leave it up long enough to make my wife jealous :-)

I received the same from A.Maris or something similar.

Yup. She only got approved late AM, but got busy quickly. 



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