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We had someone give us a quote about getting the brickwork repointed on our bog-standard Harringay terrace house. The estimate came back at well over £10,000 front and back (and a fair bit more for the full lime mortar treatment). In your experience, is that a 'go away' price, or is that about the going rate?

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Even allowing for scaffolding that sounds pretty steep. But you really should get two more quotes. Don't be put off by someone asking you to send photos as visiting sites is time consuming and costly. 

The management company for my flats (converted three story house) demanded we had it done 5 years ago and the contractor they found quoted something like that.  I managed to get another couple of quotes and in the end it was about £3k.  It's worth double checking if you're a leaseholder and your management company gives you a quote for work - they can charge 10% of the final cost of the work as a 'management fee' so it's in their interests to find the most expensive contractor. 



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