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Can anyone recommend a firm/heating engineer to replace a boiler?  Mine has just died (guttingly only 8 years since it was installed). I’ve got a policy with Homeserve who will replace the boiler, but the massive catch is that, although the replacement boiler is free, it’s the absolute cheapest model (Ideal Logic which has very mixed reviews), and then you have to pay through the nose for their in-house firm, Help-Link, to install it - their installation quote is over twice what the ‘free’ boiler costs.

Having had the last one fitted not that long ago, I know it’s not a very complicated job. I suspect that it would cost less just to pay for both the boiler and installation through a local firm. CG Gas did it last time but they’ve closed down, can anyone recommend someone?

Also has anyone got an Ideal Logic boiler or has used Help-link - any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Try GB plumbing and heating

07794567 891


I used A&P - which was recommended by several people (there is a discussion I started on here).  They were great and they sold me a great boiler.  My house is warmer than it has ever been and my shower is a completely different experience.

... even Which reckons you'll be better off saving the premiums and using the money to replace the boiler...

We used CG Gas for repairs to our old boiler for years then after they changed their name to A&P Gas and moved to Enfield we had a new combi boiler (Vaillant) installed by them which has been great our house has been lovely and warm. Prices are reasonable too, here are their details:

A & P Gas Contractors Ltd
Gor-Ray House, The Business Centre
758 Great Cambridge Road
Enfield EN1 3GN

Tel: 020 8366 2236 - 020 8366 2714
Email: apgasltd@gmail.com

Hello Betty try MJS Plumbing & Heating 07507393879

Martin used to work for CG Gas years ago before he opened up his own company.



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