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We want to replace our windows especially to reduce the constant traffic noise on Warham Rd! Anyone replaced their windows recently and willing to share experiences - good and bad. We'd prefer to use a small, local firm.

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Our neighbour had UPVC sash windows put in and was, I think, very happy with the company.  If you don't hear back from Paul message me and I'll find out who installed them.

Thanks - Yes, if you could find out that would be great.

Much appreciated.

will do.
Hi there, the company we used was called AGS windows.... They were really good http://www.advancedglazingsystems.co.uk/

We paid £5.5k for six full size sash double glazed windows, one regular double glazed style bathroom window and a separate pane for the small window above the stairs.. You shouldn't need to pay more than £850 or so per window.. Is a good rule of thumb..

Good luck

I had mine done and recommended the company to my neighbour, she has just had the whole house done and is very pleased.   They are not the cheapest but excellent quality and service.  They are called Chase Windows and based in Enfield. Look them up online.  Quite happy for you  to view if you wish

Kind regards


Thanks Deborah - I'll check them out.


Just to add a contact for very reasonable double glazed timber windows. We got a guy called Adam in from N8 doors and windows (07815 857 064).

He supplied 2 sets of bay windows, each with 3 sashs for under £5K and we just arranged for fitting and painted them ourselves. He made them to look exactly like the older sash windows next door (as we were replacing 70s aluminium ones) and it's difficult to spot the difference except for the brush draft excluders and the slightly greater depth of the double glazed units. (PM if you'd like to come and take a look)

For a seperate job we also got him to make a pair of bespoke timber double glazed patio doors with upper glass panes and that came in under £1.5K. Lovely doors too.

Highly recommended if he's still taking on work. If you need a contact for fitting them have a chat to Armando (07903924279) at B&F Contractors. Costs go down the more you do yourself. :)

Whoops, just to add that the above post was actually written by me using my wife's account... doh...



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