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Hi for everyone 

I apologize in advance if I wrote something wrong. We are two men from Ukraine and have been living in London since May. We live with our sponsors, to whom we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to host us. We really love your area and even helped a little with volunteering in the park.
We really want to rent a studio, a one bedroom flat or a room  on our own from November or December. It is not easy to find something good in this situation. We are both students and have job. We are working hard because this is new country for us. But we can pay, and we have recommendation letters from people who live here in London. 
Please do not refuse advice or tell us who can rent us housing with normal conditions and payment.

We will be glad to any answer.
Konstantin L.

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I’d try the following websites 



Sometimes people also advertise spare rooms & other property on here too, so do keep looking on here.

All the best. 


thank you very much. 
yes, I check a lot of agencies. The main point is unwillingness to work with Ukrainian. It’s looks like discrimination. They want as to pay for one year as a guarantee. It’s not normal . 

It’s normal in the UK (at the moment) that landlords ask new tenants to sign an agreement for at least 6-12 months, or more. So yes, in that agreement you’d have to pay for the full year if you left early.

It sounds like you need more specialised support & information which I don’t know. I’ve found these organisations who have advice & support for people in your situation. 


Thank you so much. I will check. 
The easiest way is to find directly who can give opportunities to rent without any agency. 



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