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Has anyone got experience of having this done? 

We currently have a double door and want to open it up more. No idea of costs, mess, timescales or whether planning permission would be needed. Would appreciate others sharing their experiences including which builder. 

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I'm pretty sure it's going to be load bearing so will require lintel etc. This is a typical ladder house. 

You need to find a good structural engineer who will probably charge for a consultation, but will then be able to advise your way forward and provide structural plans to give to a builder. If it's a load bearing wall you'll almost certainly need to support the upper floor with a steel. If this steel needs to go across the whole house (ours did) you'll need a party wall agreement with your neighbours (on both sides if it's a terraced house). Then you'll have to engage a builder and their work will need to be checked and certified by a council surveyor. It sounds complicated, but it's not really. The work will take a couple of days, and you'll probably need to replaster or put plaster boards up (this might be a good time to put insulating plaster board up, depending on your budget) and repaint. Good luck!



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