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I have question.

I live on Mattison road and a refuse collection vehicle keeps coming up my road, faster than 5 mph as stated at the beginning of the road.

The road is for access only for HGV at 7.5 tonnes.

This vehicle does not stop to collect anything, it just goes up to Wightman Road and continues.

And it causes my house to shake.

I need to know where I can complain about this vehicle, why are they using Mattison road and why dont drive more carefully.


If anyone can help who I can call, thanks.



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A fellow Mattison Roader, councillor for St Ann's ward and Cabinet Member with responsibility for rubbish collection services is Nilgun Canver - nilgun.canver@haringey.gov.uk

It will help if you make a note of the time / date and get the registration number of the vehicle.

Also, if you can, the livery details. i.e. is it a Veolia truck?


I'm on Pemberton road and have the same trouble as well as lorries delivering to the resturants and shops at the bottom. Last week a lorry stopped to unload either side of the road and traffic couldn't get thorugh. Unfortunately we have no restrictions but I would certainly like to suggest one. It would be great if there was restricted access on all the whole ladder and larger vehicles forced to use the Green Lanes. Hugh is Nilgun Canver a good person to emaill on this matter too.

Sometimes I think our house would fall down if it wasn't terraced.


It's within her remit - worth writing to Harringay Ward councillors too.

I live in Park Ridings, and 'On Time' lorries use my road as a shortcut to the vehicle pound, often with a car on board, alarm wailing and flashers flashing, and bumping over the speed humps causing my house to shake too.

Has anyone, maybe apart from myself got in a structural engineer in to access the house and the position of  the speed humps? I have a full report about it.

Really? Please tell us about it!

Here is the section talking about the HGV's and the fact that the houses on the ladder area have relatively shallow foundations. And I cannot underpin the property either.

"There is no doubt that the movement of heavy traffic to the front of the property, has
exacerbated the situation, but there is also a contributory factor from the relatively shallow
foundations to the property. Natural and gradual settlement has occurred to the premises over
a number of years, particularly as the main foundations are located on a shrinkable clay base.
Clearly, there is no single cause of the problem, but it is a mixture of the inherent non-load
bearing qualities of the internal partitions, allied to settlement movement, as a result of
shallow foundations located on shrinkable clay"

INWikipedia: The word in is an English word, which may act as a preposition, an adverb or an adjective or a noun.

so, i think this needs to goto court at the end of the day. Because the  council is damaging our homes. The foundations are shallow and the house ONLY shakes when a large vehicle goes past. Or we sue the drivers and their compaines using our roads for short cuts. I think in the long term the HGV will have a more negative impact to our homes structure.

Anyone thinking getting togther and suing them all?

also, I believe that the council failed to act fast enough to stop the HGV's using are roads. I had ARGOS, TESCO, SAINSBURY's HGV use my road. So, the damage is already done. I think the Ward councillors need to be sued too.

The speed hump in the middle of Falkland road is also a problem - it didn't used to be until the council changed it a couple of years or so ago.

I think the preceding humps are also badly spaced which doesn't help; also, it's not particularly safe for people to cross as we cannot clearly see past the parked cars. This should be a priority as it's right by a primary school.



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