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There is a Greek restaurant called Marina The Greek which the prices are fantastic,the food is absolutely delicious and the family that own the restaurant are lovely.

The address of Marina The Greek is:
3 Queens Parade
Turnpike Lane
N8 0RD
Telephone Number:020 8340 6080.

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We had a delish Giro from Marina The Greek last night!  Very authentic - Nice change from the Turkish kebab.  

Go support!

OPPS call myself Half Greek!  spelling Gyros like a Giro cheque! LOL

Keep walking past this and definitely want to try. Glad to hear so far good reviews!

I hadn't realised that this is on Green Lanes in Harringay right by Durazzo. The Turnpike Lane in the address above wrong-footed me.
That is the address that I took off their business card.

Ach more newbies to the area getting it wrong. Sorry, should have guessed.

Aa a result of your comments and Pav's, I'll give the place a go. (Wonder if I'll manage to keep my mouth shut about Turnpike Lane?)

Looks well delicious. Had a moussaka at the normally excellent Zer last night and was disappointed. 

This has closed and been replaced by "Milk and Honey, Bistro Bakery". Perhaps will open after lockdown.

Looks like this is a companion to a "Milk and Honey, Bistro Bakery" that already exists up in Palmers Green. The signage has been up for months but it hasn't opened yet.

Marina the Greek was good for a gyros and I was sorry to see it go under during the first Lockdown.



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