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Recommended builder for knocking through structural wall NEEDED asap! HARINGEY !

Hi everyone

I actually live a bit out of your zone, by a few roads, but everyone seems pretty friendly here so thought i'd get involved - we all share the same borough council any how!

I'd like to hear from people who've actually used builders and had great experiences with them, as i need a structural wall knocked through and needs to be done carefully and by a builder with insurance and accreditation etc.  We will then, later in the year or when we have money, will further knock that whole structural wall down and do an extension... so top tips on extension builders are very welcome too!

If anyone can recommend a builder that fits the bill, please reply !!! Thanks for any help people!!!

Bye !

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My friend just had an extension built, very impressive work i must say ,the builders come highly

recommended .

                       Theodoulou & sons,

                         Constructoin Ltd.

                   Tel;  07732887204.

I would highly recommend Decoracus - they just built my kitchen extension including significant structural work. Excellent quality, hard working and they came in pretty much on-time and on-budget.


020 8809 6183

Shemek is the partner that ran my project - great guy with lots of sensible suggestions.

I would recommend Decoracus too. I'm so grateful to whoever it was who first recommended them on this site.  (I had tried others recommended here too.)

Punctual, clean, inventive, thorough, cheap, respectful, hard working.

Mirek is the one I know. 

Wow these Decoracus people seem highly recommended, will definately be giving them a call for a free quote! Thanks very much to everyone who has replied ! :) much appreciated

Ahh what a shame - i called Decoracus and they're too busy to take on new projects !!! Just goes to show how popular they are.. Will def contact them when i've planned further in advance next time. Thanks everyone! I'll keep looking!

We had our kitchen redone 3 years ago, which included some structural work, and were extremely happy with Michael Collins, at 66 Rutland Gardens, N4 1JP.

Best contact him on his mobile:  07903 970 616

I can highly recommend The Good Building Co. They have undertaken several project for me including the shifting of a wall. Reasonable rates and good people too.


Great, i'll have a look! Thanks

Greg Zuber has just finished refurbishing my place and installing a Magnet kitchen. Good finishing and has come back to fix small things without hesitation. Very reasonable fees and accepts payment on completion or in stages as the job progresses. You can come and inspect his work if you want and I can tell you more. Definitely a good choice if you're on a tight budget.

Greg Zuber 07887 481750

I've met both Decoracus and Michael Collins in recent times - after seeing them recommended on here - for quotes on rebuilding my kitchen. Both very professional and seemed very genuine about finding the best solution for me.



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