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Can anyone recommend a trustworthy garage that would be able to give a decent quote for body repairs? Unfortunately my car got shunted by someone behind and.. you've guessed it, my car is now an insurance 'total loss' i.e. uneconomical to repair. I would like to get a couple of quotes to see if it's worth 'buying' my so called wreck back and having it repaired with copy parts or whatever. The insurance estimate for repairs is sky high of course, and the garage (miles away) where it was assessed say they could repair it for cheaper with copy parts if I buy it back as salvage, but it still seems steep and I'd like to compare.

Also can anyone recommend local car dealers who wouldn't mind giving a written quote for what a replacement/ like for like car would cost so I can challenge any undervalue market price which is looking likely to be offered by insurers to settle?
I only bought my car a few months ago (I'm so gutted ) and any hope that the insurers would get me back to the position I was in before - by repairing my car or making sure I get a similar replacement - is a joke! 
Thank you!

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I challenged a low insurance offer by writing using the words " in the position I was in before " and by sending a few copies of advertisements for a vehicle of the same age.

They apologised for their " mistake " and doubled their offer.

Good luck.

Yes I will use that and check some of the ombudsman recommendations. Looks like I am going to have to challenge what they're offering.



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