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I live on the Ladder and I am looking for a reliable local babysitter for my 15 month old son. I can offer regular work - at least two to three evenings a month, perhaps more.

I would be grateful for recommendations as I have really struggled to find someone that is available on a regular basis.

Thanks in advance.


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Our ex au pair Marketa is fantastic . she looked after our son from the age of 1. pm me and I will pass on her number

I have sent a connection request so we can chat privately, thanks.

Hi Ben,

I am on the hunt for a babysitter once again. Would your ex au pair still be interested do you think?



Hello, I'm a local experienced babysitter, available most weekday evenings from around 6/6:30pm. I also babysit for a family on the ladder occasionally, found via this site. Happy to provide references. Thanks!



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