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We are thinking about getting an engineered wood floor for our living room and wondered if anyone else has had similar done and (1) has recommendations; (2) could share some feedback on how it has been.


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This company seems to have beautiful (albeit pricey) options...


I'm awaiting samples and happy to share

The Natural Wood Floor Company are very good, we specify them at work often. Engineered flooring is a good choice, will move a lot less than solid timber


The things to look out in terms of quality are the thickness of the wear layer, and the grade of the timber - i.e. premium vs. rustic has a large difference in appearance. You should also read up on oil vs. laquer finish; oiling tends to look better if you want to keep the grain and natural look of the timber and means you can patch repair, but requires more regular re-oiling whereas laquer will last a fair few years. 

We used Jordan Andrews in Couch End (twice) & were happy with them - https://www.jordanandrews.com



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