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Can anyone recommend a cello tutor who is based near the Ladder and does after school home visits? We're looking for someone to give lessons to our daughter for 40 minutes a week.


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Nick have you tried the London Conservatoires for a student? A very established teacher is not likely to want to come to you, but I know students at the Royal College are allowed and supported to teach from their second year onwards and maybe more likely to be willing to travel..

I’m a musician and live with & know loads of cello teachers (and teachers of other instruments!). Private message me for her details :) we live just off the ladder and I’m sure she’d be happy to come to you!

Thanks J, we’ve found a tutor. 
Hi Rebecca, we’re also looking for a piano teacher with a similar arrangement. Would you know anyone?

I teach piano in fact! Happy to give you my details in a private chat, or you can contact me through my website www.rebeccatoal.com :)



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