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I have relied on Neil Protheroe over the past five years for plumbing issues. In 2019 he found and fixed a major leak beneath my bath floorboards, which had water damaged my ceiling below. He has repeatedly been courteous, professional, honest and reliable. He has even turned up a few times when I've given him very short notice, inspected the job and not even charged me for a call-out! Neil is my favourite tradesperson to deal with. Whenever I contact him I think this guy is going to do the job right, he always gives me a clear explanation about his proposed solution without overloading me with unnecessary over overly technical information. And yes, this is a genuine review! I'm pleased with him, he’s just done another job for me, inspecting a big waste pipe in a communal basement on the ladder and no, he didn't do that inspection for free but he has removed a big headache for me so I'm glad to pay him. Cheers for your help today Neil!

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Is it possible to combine all the Neil Protheroe recommendation/warning threads? Or is that not a feature of this forum software? 

Or block any posts containing 'Protheroe' from users who haven't contributed anything else recently.

As far as I can tell, in this case their previous post was in 2019. Another recommendation for guess who...

Neil is as polarising as Trump… love him or loathe him it appears

unfortunately any mention of his name now makes things worse… who said any publicity is good publicity… 



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