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Hi all,

We’ve just completed a full refurbishment of our flat (Victorian conversion) including new floors, kitchen, bathroom, extraction/ventilation and full painting and decorating. We also go some customised shelving/cabinets built.

We spent months looking for builders who won’t rip us off, delay the work massively or patronise us given we are 2 women who work in Tech and know little about building work. After a lot of meetings and disappointments, we met with Erigel and Albert who had just set up a building company to carry out building works including refurbishments and extensions with a legit business address.

They were super polite from Day 1 (we kept our guard up) only to realise that they are probably the best builders in town! Super professional, kept us up to date with costs, communicated regularly, told us what we needed to buy and when, worked every day from 8 am - 6 pm, built all the customised cabinets with excellent finish and treated our home with a lot of respect and care (they even mowed our lawn one day!).

We are very pleased with the results and are enjoying living here again.

If you'd like to contact them then please DM me.

Happy building!

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Hi there, thank-you for the recommendation - can you send me the contact details of the builder please?

many thanks in advance!

Sure. The Builders’s name is Erigel, you can reach him on +44 7384 266431. Feel free to give my reference:)

Great thank-you!

Hi  Julixe

We had the boys round! for a quote! Very professional ,such a lovely manner about them.

If you don't mind I have  a few questions with regards to their crew etc. Ive sent you a connection request.

Cheers Rosemary

Hi I am looking for a builder to fit an additional structural beam in kitchen ceiling.  Having problems to find anyone recommendations, and like yourselves, am sick of being patronised and ripped off by builders (single woman in 60s and see the ££ signs ring up in their eyes when they visit), and then pressured into doing more than necessary.

could you give me details of your tradesmen please?

Hiya, I completely understand having gone through it first hand.

The Builders’s name is Erigel, you can reach him on 073 8426 6431. Feel free to give my reference:)

It's really good to have your recommendation for Erigel. We're looking to get some built-in storage done. Would you be open to sending some images of the units they created for you?

Sure. It'll be easiest for me to WhatsApp/email them to you, perhaps DM your contact details to me?

Thank you. I've just DM'd you.


We are in the same boat—so few people you can trust. Even on Houzz, we found our architect there, and I am still recovering from giving him so much money for the project he made for us. It's so out of the budget that we won't be able to do it in the end.

Do they have a website or profile to check them out?

I'd prefer to see what type of work they did before contacting them. I always find it difficult and a waste of both times if I call without seeing a website/instal page, etc., of previous work. 



Thanks for the recommendation. Would it be possible to seem some pictures of their work? I've sent you a connection request.


Hi Julixe, I have also sent a connection request as interested in hearing about your experience if that's ok!



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