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I am thinking to hire a cleaner for monthly shifts to clean our flat near Manor House.

How would you search to find one?

Can you recommend anyone?

Someone reliable and whom I can be sure will do the deep cleaning that I can’t do for lack of time.



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Our amazing cleaner Angela is looking for more work. Message me for her number.

Hi Ella I’ve just sent you a connection request as I’m also interested in hiring a cleaner for 4h per week. We live in a house on the ladder.  Thanks. Emma

Hi Elisabeth is very good her number is +44 7835 835585 best wishes Amy


My Cleaner Meire is looking for more work as one of her clients is leaving London, she is really good and has  been with me for 10 years


Hi Isabel. How much does Meire charge per hour? Thanks. Emma

Hi there, Meire charges 12£ per hour but she can really do a lot and very well so is the best value/money I spend in my household really 

Brilliant. Sounds good. Thank you 



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