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Hi all

I know this has been asked countless times, but i can't seem to find enough recent posts and i know that opinions vary with time.

Can anyone recommend a good GP/doctors? Im still registered at one at my parents house for last 5 years, but about to have a baby so time to fess up i think! My husband is at the one on Umfreville Rd (Bridge House?) and isn't hugely happy... any other ideas? Are there any medical centres locally?

I've heard good things about Lawerence House? 



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I have had 2 children and both them and I have been very well looked after at The Vale Practice on Park Road, Crouch End.  It is a husband and wife run practice (along with other GPs and nurses).  Dr Dina Dhorajawala specialises in antenatal and womens health and Dr Harry Webb is brilliant for muscular issues.  Both have a fantastic bedside manner.  All the other staff have been supportive and helpful.


Good luck.  Finding a good GP is gold dust.


Thanks Michelle - we live in N15 so can't get into the Vale... ;-(

The vale is an excellent surgery

Try the surgery at 326 Philip Lane.  Father & son GPs, practice is very well run & they're v thorough. 

I'm at Chestnuts Park surgery. I saw a nurse there once (on a Saturday!) but have never seen a doctor.  It's out to tender at the moment so no idea who will take it over or whether it will be any good sorry! Mostly posting here to get new reply notifications...

We go to West Green Surgery on West Green Road.  The doctors and nurses have always been good, we've had to have a lot of emergency appointments over the past few months and they've always been really accommodating about fitting us in.  It's also a family-run practice if that makes any difference! 

I am with Lawrence House Surgery and it is excellent. It has plenty of doctors and nurses available and it is possible to get emergency appointments on the day which is important when you have a little baby on the way.



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