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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Fair, honest, reliable... 5* 

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I think I might contact him - got an array of plumbing jobs - I’d contact him just to see if the hype/hate is true. Who said there’s such thing as bad PR...

Hes awesome! 

please send me his number

I rang Neil a few months ago and could not get an answer for days. When he did answer he was grumpy and was slow to understand my needs. I complained about this and the conversation ended quickly. 

If he is so good, he should have plenty of work and be booked up. How come he's the only plumber to keep advertising for work on here, either directly or indirectly through questionable recommendations?

To be fair, we checked this out last year and everything seems above board. He doesn't advertise but for some reason he's become a marmite cult - easy to love and not love so it seems.

What’s his number? 




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