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Im thinking of listing my flat for sale with a local estate agent. Can any one recommend a good, reliable and pro-active estate agent?

many thanks


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Try Brickworks, the "ethical agent". I've had a couple of conversations with them and think I'll use them to sell my flat.
Ps what's your flat like Marian? I'm looking for a 2 bed garden flat in the area. Could cut out agents entirely if you have what I'm looking for!
I would be very warey if Winkworth. I used them to sell my flat recently and found them impersonal, diffficult to get hold of and unhelpful. They promised the world before signing us up but then once we'd signed on the dotted line we were forgotten about.

thanks to everyone who replied to my request for an estate agent. We went with Castles in the end, and they managed to get an offer the day afer listing it. Russell and Panos were very friendly, helpful and have given me a great service so far! I would definately recommend them!



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