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Hi All

A march from from Finsbury Park (Seven Sisters entrance) at 4pm to Ducketts Common in support of a woman's right to safe streets, free of harassment, abuse and violence. Saturday 4th December.

This issue has long been an issue in Haringey and will highlight some of the many women that have suffered at the hands of male violence.

Catherine West MP has been invited to address the gathering.

This campaign has been organised by women in Haringey, supported by local Trade Unions, will be led and stewarded by women. All supporters of this important cause are invited to attend.

Please spread the word far and wide - feel free to circulate the attached poster.

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Is the use of "these streets" rather than the usual 'the streets' deliberate? I always thought Green Lanes was relatively safe. All those big blokes in the doorways of the barbers and late night supermarkets tend to keep a watchful eye out. Nevertheless, a worthy cause, best of luck.

brian he means his streets not yours give him a break

That doesn't make sense, Jim. The march is from Finsbury Park to Ducketts Common ie. Straight down Green Lanes (presumably not on the road though).

Hi Brian. Thanks for your positive response. The campaign and it's name was decided before any support offered by myself and my trade union, CWU. It's only a guess but it may be different because it is specifically a Haringey initiative. I recall many years ago there being a lot of concern expressed on HoL about harassment on Green Lanes. I'd like to think things have improved but not according to my 17yr old daughter. 

Its a very worthy cause but I have issues with marches in general as I find there are so many of them that they become futile. If a million people marching against the Iraq war in 2003 didn't change anything then a couple of hundred people marching the mile or so from FP to DC isn't going to change anything I'm afraid, other than just be another demonstration amongst an ever increasing catalogue of demonstrations. I'm afraid I've become desensitised to demonstrations as they just don't work. And what are the aims of this demonstration and what is the solution to this problem? I guess it'll be something along the lines of a male curfew etc? 

Most of these marches and demonstrations have become homogenised and just seem to collect the same social media watchers who will just join for the sake of it. You can spot the hangers-on by the TORIES OUT, SAVE THE NHS, BLM and XR placards they carry, mostly irrelevant to the actual march. The demo in question stems from the vile actions of Wayne Couzens, but, for instance, the experiences of the 17 year old girl mentioned above it would be better if the demonstrations could be more specific as to who is perpetrating the sexism, violence and abuse (name and shame), rather than just the generic 'men', but maybe that is too much of a cultural 'hot potato'. George Floyd held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach, he gets worldwide mourners, many are women, and I'd bet some are even on this demo.

You might be right Xavier. I'm in favour of anything that makes the streets safer but I do take your point and that of Doodle (if I have interpreted it correctly). Generic criticism of men and 'male violence' just ostracises half the population. The issue is violence in general. The fact that violence occurs in female only environments as well (such as prisons) indicates that the problem is not gender determined. Yes, women who suffer violence usually suffer it at the hands of a man. Men who suffer violence also usually suffer it at the hands of a man. We should come together on this. Its the behaviour thats the problem, not the gender of the perpetrators.

I hope the march is successful. It all helps.

I fully understand the point in relation to marching for marchings sake. Over the years I've been on more than I care to remember. However, having distribued many leaflets for this event I have engaged many people in positive conversation, men and women, and it has highlighted the importance of discussion and debate about why women feel unsafe. If this encourages a positive reaction and along the way generates a change in behaviour of the perpetrators of abuse it has to be a good thing.

So, I agree, a march in and of itself isn't enough.

I have long had an issue with the serious abuse or misuse or overuse of this word 'issue'. Here again we have it from Steve's OP (This issue has long been an issue in Haringey) while Doodle has "issues with marches in general" and for Brian "the issue is violence in general".

For me, issue is just another emission polluting the discourse. Whatever happened to problem or difficulty or just a passing point of view ?

So, your issue is with the word issue, despite saying you have an issue with the word issue?


And Doodle, as for the incidence of Lol on Hol, there I really do have an issue.



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