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Recessed technical street furniture along Parliament Hill, Hampstead

I saw five of these metallic items recessed into the ground along Parliament Hill in Hampstead and could not be sure what they were for ?

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Those look like recessed electric car chargers, a company called Trojan Energy make them

I thought as much, particularly along this way.


I was a fan of retro-fitting lampposts with Ubitricity's flush mounts to be found in West London, but these are pretty impressive.

This road seems to have the hum instalment, rather than the single home owner option.

Nice, but not cheap (about £1,500 a year or £4 a day, excluding the cost of electricity). From Trojan FAQs:

You pay us a monthly subscription fee of £120 each month for your Trojan AON. Your energy supplier will bill you as normal for the electricity you use to charge your EV. Your fee includes:

- Free installation of your Trojan AON charger in the pavement
- Free connection to your household electricity supply
- Free Trojan lance (to connect your car to the charge point)
- Free lifetime maintenance and servicing
- Three-year contract
- All prices include VAT

I think the ones Keith saw were installed by the council where they put a number on the same street, I'm aware Barnet and Camden are fitting them. Don't know how much they cost to use in that way, but they seem a neat solution for properties without off-street parking. 

However, I'm not sure I'd want to pay for one privately if you can't reserve the space for it.

A great solution, but you have to pay for it. I’m assuming that the £120 is for council installed ones since you can’t reserve it for your use only .

Their website says the £120 a month option they call AON is for a private individual to have one installed for themselves. This is the one I think is a weird idea given you usually can't reserve off-street parking. 

The council installed ones called HUB are paid for by the council, who then set the energy rates themselves for their use by local residents on a metered basis, using the public energy network. They also provide the lances to local residents free in that situation it says. Seems like a good alternative to the lampost ones. 

Thanks for ferreting out the correct info, Costa. Yes, a bit odd to pay £120 a month but have no guarantee of being able to use it. It would make more sense if you paid the fee and as a subscriber could use any of a number of spots on your street, but to pay for one for just yourself, which uses your electricity but came with no guarantee that you could use it does seem dd. 

Here is the power delivery unit in action : https://ibb.co/C6VpnqC

I do wish however that it would slide up from underground.

Perhaps a little much to ask, but who wants to lug that unit around.



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