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I hope all you who have the vote in Harringay will remember tonight ( and certainly other nights to come ) and at the next election vote out the incompetent shower responsible for the introduction of the LTN.

My weekly 5-minute journey from Wightman Road to Green Lanes took 45 minutes, including  30 minutes to go the length of Hampden Road. Yes, I know that there was a burst water main. But in happier times traffic would have been distributed across the roads now blocked off and not confined to Green Lanes. Yes, I know that I could have taken a bus to sit in the same traffic jam as I did this evening but in any case there aren't any buses between my house and the bottom of Effingham Road. 

I understand the concerns of those residents living in the LTN who hope that the pollution in their streets will be reduced but don't the residents of Green Lanes, Turnpike Lane and Wightman Road breathe ? don't their children have lungs ?. Where did the Council think the LTN traffic would go ? 

And please don't suggest to this disabled person that I could have cycled.  I couldn't.

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Regarding the shiny new Haringey parking voucher system: 1) Doesn't work on some browsers 2) Is hit and miss on others 3) Can't sell you a combination or hourly of daily on some browsers (maybe all) 4) Can't sell you more than 9 vouchers in total on any browser 5) When you finally buy something it logs you off and it all seems a fail but if you wait it takes you back into the purchase page eventually 6) if you try anything it doesn't like and refuses it won't say why, it will just give an error code.

This was confirmed on the Haringey council customer services phone line (that isn't advertised on the google Haringey page).

PS You won't be able to buy parking vouchers in the parking permit section of the website. It's a little separate button at the top.

FPR — I understand risk management for emergency services was assessed, but a poster here suggests no consideration was given to non “blue light” people such as nurses or health visitors, who are consequently suffering from the traffic jams and congestion that have resulted and have no exemption to allow them to cut through the LTN road blocks. 

Signage for St Ann’s LTN was abysmal in advance ( locals put home-made signs on some of the flowerpots warning of CCTV, and exemption permits were badly signed), but there’s been no apparent mitigation at all, despite Mike Hakata’s promise that the council’s plan for Green Lanes — whatever that is — would be in place before the St Ann’s scheme went live. He and Ann Cunningham (transport supremo at the council) have consistently failed to respond to my requests for info on the GL failure. My guess is that Haringey hadn’t done anything about GL but were about to be hit with the deadline by which “free” GLA money would be withdrawn if they didn’t get the LTNs up and running, so panicked into going ahead before anything else was ready.

I've just emailed Cllr Mike Hakata.

Hi Mike,
A suggestion about the LTN discussions. You may find it useful to give your cabinet support officer a task.
Harringay Online website  currently has a couple of  discussion threads about the LTNs. Among the always reasonable and creative contributions (;-) there many points raised which may be new and unusual and/or worth extra attention.

If you haven’t seen these threads, you might guess there are pages and pages. Which is why I’m suggesting that a cabinet support person could speed-read them. Then make a list by cut-&-pasting distinct and useful points. Looking out especially for unintended LTN consequences which may not have occurred to the consultants. E.g. today  someone mentions that as well as “Blue Light” services what about other similar services having exemptions?

If there’s no member of staff available to you, please let me know. I can offer some time.

Hey Don, have you got the Mike Hakata promise that a GL scheme would be in place before the St. Ann's LTN went live? Could you post it here, please? Date & place would be great.

Just asking...


If what that article says is true then why oh why have we not just covered the whole borough in LTNs already? We should Just get on with it! no need for assessing any outcomes, or consulting anyone, that's just a waste of time and money. 

I look forward to seeing the ladder roads cut in half and made two way It'll will completely stop the school runs (and your neighbours) rat running, and the big benefit it'll leave all the boundary roads for the good folk of Anglia and Mercia.

Lets face it, Hackney and Islington have done just that.

Job Done.

So, lets move on and start a campaign to cap the chimneys the boroughs Log burners, that will bring down winter pollution levels as well and benefit all of us as well.

Have the police moved onto new alternative forms of transport or are they just sitting in traffic as well? Not sure I’ve seen many police suddenly sporting fast e-bikes in Haringey in preparation of this. 

OK. I think this thread has gone right off topic so I'm closing it down. Just remember when the next election rolls round who brought you this chaos and vote accordingly.



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