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The Ladder rat running petition was submitted today. You may remember that this developed as a result of the initial plans to use TfL's Green Lanes Corridor funds. The petition was submitted together with the following note:

I am attaching the results of an online petition hosted by Harringay Online regarding the proposed use of TfL funds for Green Lanes Corridor. You will note that the petition request is:

"within this 'once in a generation' opportunity to improve the streetscape for the residents of Harringay it is imperative that a holistic view is taken to tackle the unacceptable volumes of through traffic in the area and serious consideration is taken of current road closures."

Please note the following:

  1. The full online petition can be viewed at http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/harringaytraffic
  2. The petition was advertised only on Harringay Online. No door knocking or canvassing was used. No street was prioritised above any other or treated differently in any way.
  3. You will see that there were a total of 298 signatories, excluding duplicates.

We note that Haringey's new petition scheme has set levels which trigger actions by the council. 2,200 signatures triggers a debate by the full council. Whilst no distinction is made between borough-wide petitions and local ones, a phone conversation with the officer responsible confirmed that the 2,200 figure was set with the borough in mind. He also confirmed that there is no 'discount' for locally targeted petitions.

2,200 people is just under 1% of the borough's population. That's the level the council has determined is so significant that it warrants a full council debate. Based on the last census, our petition has been signed by 3% of the population of the area affected, Harringay Ward. This level was achieved despite the petition being run only online and over the Christmas period. This is three times the proportion that, at the borough level, would trigger a full council debate. Whilst we do not expect, nor are we asking for a full council debate, we do ask that given the significant level of response our petition has received the Council will give it full consideration and a full response.



I am attaching charts to this post which show signatory numbers by road. (I've put on on a single sheet pdf. So you'll need to zoom quite a bit in to read it.)

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