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Radio station launching for Crouch End & surrounding areas

Some while ago Crouch End local Dominic Rutterford got the idea that it would be nice to pick up a dropped lifethread and get back to doing a bit of DJing. In that mindapple was born North Palace Radio.

“It all started as a bit of fun”, Dominic told Harringay Online, “but it seems to be turning into something rather bigger”.

Launching in a couple of weeks' time, the station will focus on providing an audio-based community resource, offering locally hosted entertainment and a platform for local talent. Initially the evenings/weekends only broadcast schedule will focus on music programmes.

“We’ve got five presenters committed and it just so happens they’re all interested in presenting music programmes. But we’re not intending to be a music station”, Dominic told us.

There’s already an eclectic handful of talent lining up to broadcast with NPR, including a kalamzoo band that plays in the King’s Head, a food & immigration programme, podcast plays and a literary spot.

The station is taking a cautious approach, starting small and growing as demand suggests and in directions that feedback nudges them.

“Our focus will be very much dictated by the people who contribute to begin with. I have no intention of curating things or making editorial decisions about content”, said Dominic.

And, you can be part of it! Any local people can join the team. If you’ve got something to say, a talent to showcase or just a yen to broadcast, this may be your chance. You need to be able to commit to a regular slot, but it doesn’t matter if that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Programmes will be recorded rather than live as the station gets going, so you can record your show and fly it over by carrier pigeon. No easier route to becoming a local superstar.

To begin with broadcasts will be via the internet, but a vision for the future is not lacking and, depending on how things go, Dominic may apply for a local FM licence.

And finally a word for sponsors - although NPR is being set up as a non-profit organisation, to help pay for the licensing the station will be interested in talking to sponsors.

We're delighted to be able to reveal some of the detail behind this story. Now, keep your eyes peeled and as we find out more we'll keep you updated.

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Well done Dominic! I was just thinking that Harringay Online could spill into a great community radio project-please post on your progression and I hope to get involved at some stage.



Absolutely ditto, says local band To The Moon!



To be fair Hugh, I think Dominic broke the story, though admittedly only to the millions on Facebook. And even a non-Facebook-user (apparently there are such people) got wind of it some weeks ago from another discussion
Dagnabbit, scooped again! ;o)



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