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Good Morning Harringay,


I am a classical musician and artist based on the ladder who works with poets, actors, dancers, opera singers/singers, song-writers and artists of all kinds to creative innovative, site-specific performances.


We are currently looking for a disused space in which to build a creative hub of activity, where artists can meet, exchange ideas, rehearse and stage performances.


Since the Queen's Head in all its majesty is sitting empty and unloved, we would offer to care for it, paint it, attract a new audience to performances, for as long as the owner would allow in exchange for its use. This could be for 1 month or six months; whatever suited the owner.


Because this project would aim to involve the community of all ages, and provide a central location for all sorts of activity, I wonder if the council, or some other official body could help me make this happen?


Any advice, guidance, assistance of any kind would be appreciated. Also, if you are an artist, workshop leader or someone interested in making this project happen somewhere (if not in the Queen's Head) in central Harringay, please do get in touch.

All ideas are very welcome!


Best wishes,


Alice De Ville




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Have a look at Queen's Head Tavern - Owner's details. You could contact the owners via their accountants, Freemans who are up in Southgate or via their property agent, Christo & Co. The owners are trying (not very hard) to lease the ground floor & basement for £90,000 pa.


They (Christo & Co) recently took the outside tables away after leaving them outside for a year. On talking to Christo & Co recently I got the distinct impression they're not really interested in a pub proposal. The high rental being asked also indicates this. I'd say they're hoping for other retail interests but I think they'll have a difficult time fulfilling this because of the current economic climate & location of the building.


As to whether your idea would appeal I'd be surprised if it did to be honest but try contacting the owners via their accountants Freemans, not Cristo & Co who are only interested in cool hard cash (including commissions).

Hi Alice

I'd love to get involved. -  I teach hand drumming and percussion.  20 odd years working for voluntary sector in field of adult training. Also some experience in small business start ups. 



Great idea. Am a writer and poet. Hope it happens!

I am not an expert on these things but that sounds like a fantastic idea. I would love to help in any way I could. i live on Falkland Road only metres from the Queens Head.




count me in! Be great if we could make it happen . . .



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