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On the Harringay Levels there are a number of houses which look as though they were once shops or pubs. I'm particularly interested in the buildings on the southern corner of Conway and Clarendon Roads and the northern corner of Conway and Avondale Roads. 

Does anyone know about the history of these buildings? 

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Oh nice! I used to work for Caves in Lordship Lane on Saturdays and some school holidays.

'Little Russia' is an interesting one. Much of it has been demolished and replaced by such roads as Snells Park, and the railway bridge which connected Wilbury Way to Fore Street was narrowed and made for pedestrians only. The Three Compasses in Bull Lane was apparently regularly frequented by the locals, having walked past it many times I saw it demolished in the late 1990s for the new estate. Another pub sadly gone in that area was the Grove Tavern, we used to have our Christmas drinks in there when I worked nearby.

For those interested, if you Google 'Lost Pubs' with the postcode you are interested in it will provide some information. The same goes for closed hospitals.



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