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Public Meeting: Protest Against London Concrete Proposals for 150 HGV lorries a day clogging our streets! 7.30pm 12th April 2017 Hornsey Vale Community Centre

Letter from Cllr Raj Sahota following a meeting a number of us had at the weekend following a major change requested by London Concrete. Those attending were all from west of the railway line - we really need people from the east side to get involved too - and as soon as possible as the current deadline for responses is the 18th April (strange how it's Easter holidays and people away and schools closed....).

Dear Resident

London Concrete Limited has applied for planning permission to TRIPLE the number of daily truck movements allowed at the Concrete Batching Plant on Cranford Way from 50 to over 150.


Local residents believe that the current number of concrete lorries using the roads around Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green is already having a detrimental impact in terms of noise, vibration, pollution and increased risk to pedestrians and cyclists in what is a mainly residential area with lots of families and schools.


In its application, London Concrete admits it has breached existing HGV restrictions for the last two years by running far more lorry trips than allowed, and claim residents have not noticed or complained. This is wrong, and we need to present evidence to fight this application.


We have organised a public meeting for residents to air their views and to discuss how can we resist this proposal at Hornsey Vale Community Centre on 12th April 2017 from 7.30pm.


How You Can Help


·         Submit your objections at Haringey’s planning portal, quoting HGY/2017/0874 before 18th April 2017. See attached.


·         Deliver leaflets in your road – drop me a line and we will contact you for more information


·         Circulate this email to anyone who may be interested in attending and post on your social media networks


Finally, sign up to our email circular by dropping me a line at the address below.


Best Regards


Raj Sahota

Stroud Green Ward Labour Councillor

Haringey Council

River Park House, 225 High Road, Wood Green, N22 8HQ

M. 07798 767 156





By responding to this email you are consenting to the receipt of further information from Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party and Raj Sahota.

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No thanks, the west of the borough were really nasty to us all on their Crouch End facebook group over the very temporary Wightman Rd closure this time last year.

Hi, S ,
100 extra seems OTT
Wont do be helpful to Wightman, turnpike, west green or GL
Yes, Grabbers (i.e. large lorries for removing building waste,) are very intimidating, with a high incidence of causing cycle deaths. Journeys will continue along B roads to development sites across the borough, causing grooves by continuous repetitive journeys. Road speeds on Seven Sidters and Tottenham Lane need to be reduced to 20MPH for safety in built up areas.

I have witnessed Grabbers tail gating vehicles on Seven sisters which is a horrible experience, if this happens to you please report it, and take note of number plates and company operator.

Plenty of reasons to say no that affect everyone of us.
The Lorries are as frequent as buses now on Tottenham Lane, and they don't add any feeling of safety crossing to the YMCA (especially for any families who use the centre.) There needs to be more attention given to make Tottenham Lane less of a barrier to pedestrians, and improve a neglected crossing. Solidarity is solidarity, don't let indifference devide our communities, we all loose.

If you can keep note of times, and even take photos that would be very helpful.

Best to contact Raj Sahota, the councillor leading on it on behalf of Stroud Green Residents. M. 07798 767 156

Iresponded to the consultation, and therefore got a letter back saying that the application had been rejected.  That is unlikely to be the end of it though.    See formal notice here:


Ferme Park Depot Cranford Way N8 9DG
17/03/2017.   REF 16/06/2017
Variation of conditions attached to Appeal reference APP/Y5420/A/05/1189822 (original Haringey planning
reference HGY/2005/0007) as follows: to increase the number of operational mixer trucks that can be based at
and operate from the site (variation of condition 3), to increase the number of operational mixer truck
movements allowed per day (variation of condition 27), to increase the number of private concrete vehicle
movements allowed per day (variation of condition 28) and to increase the number of cement deliveries allowed
by road per day (variation of condition 29)

Decision Codes
GTD Granted Permission
REF Refused Permission
Certificates of Lawfulness : NOT DEV Not Development CON DEV Constitutes Development
PERM DEV Permitted Development PERM REQ Permission Required



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