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Thanks for all your comments  guys to the Property market in Haringey. Now that Hackney, Shorditch, Brixton etc have been gentrified I guess it was `just a matter of time before gentrification took place in Tottenham. Whilst there are many good things about it I do wonder what will happen to 'real'people from the community who can no longer afford to rent or live in the area?

Any one heard of the Beehive in Tottenham - near the HARINGEY Council car park? It used to be a pub frequented by a large Irish community. Now its a trendy pub opened 14 MARCH 14 and owned by Camden Bars for a trendy creative crowd moving into Tottenham. whilst I have no objectives to giving the area a`much deserved face lift what happens to the Irish community who were frequenting the pub - as they are no longer there - doews any one know - Maybe they have  moved up the road to the Victoria in Scotland Green until that gets gentrified!

Here is a piece on the revamped Beehive - any comments!

And guess what they are opening up soon  a VIP room serving Champagne!


Stoneleigh Road
N17 9BQ


Camden Bars

About the Pub

in a side road off the High Road, this two bar pub is on the CAMRA National inventory of historic interiors and is a good example of a "Brewer's Tudor" style pub as you will find anywhere. The interior is still as it was in 1927 apart from one screen removed. See it reviewed in the latest London's Heritage Pubs book. It manages to feel cosy, despite its size. After a period of uncertainty, acquired by Camden Bars and re-opened in March 2014 offering 6 real ales for the first weekend, and then a wide range of ever changing ales, from national and local and micro breweries. In addition a selection of craft beers on draft and in bottles such as Dog Fish DNA and Lagunitas IPA and a wide selection of bottles. Pulled pork sandwiches, burgers to hog roasts all made by Phileas Hog

Regular Beers

This pub serves 2 regular beers.

  • Redemption Trinity
  • Redemption Big Chief

Guest Beers

This pub serves 4 guest beers.

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Well for all the finger pointing that Alan Stanton and Tottenham Cake do at the right wing elements of the Labour Party in Haringey I think you've hit the nail on the head, it will happen anyway. Now hopefully people are not "forced" out by anything other than the market. If they're renting then yes, they'll probably have to move somewhere and I presume it's out of London unless someone knows of another area they can move to. If they own a house/flat then maybe they can sell to new people moving in and live like kings in Patagonia. Whatever happens it'll certainly look a lot different in Tottenham in 2018.

My pals just bought a three-bedroom house in Enfield for £300k.

Just sayin'.

What's the name of the tube station in Enfield?

Just sayin' ;)

The two overground rail lines are about to be adopted by TFL so will improve, and get more frequent. That will help, it's then ten minutes from Seven Sisters or Tottnm Hale.  But yes it is a long way out, even worse they are on the optimistically named Enfield Island Village, a newbuild isolated estate on the edge on the marsh. Built onto the old Enfield Rifles munitions site, and to deal with the polluted ground it was capped it off with rammed clay, so the gardens are a challenge.  Very isolated, there is only a tescoexpressexpensive, everyone has cars. Far from ideal, but under two minutes' walk from the open space of the marshes so good for a small child, their reason for going there. (Apart from the £300k)

From behind the Pride of Tottenham on the High Rd and Scotland Green you can cycle/walk car free down Carbuncle Passage to the marsh as well.

St Alban's has a fast service into King's Cross that takes 20 minutes. Tottenham is the last place in London to go through this and it will be the most difficult too.

so, so suburban.

Finally, a pub I can enjoy using, except it's four bus stops away.  Last Monday it was crammed to the rafters with Spurs supporters, some of whom may well have been Irish.  Had to walk past two huge security guards to get in, that the pub has to pay for every time there's a match. 

The people working there are very keen to involve 'the community' and they give us a quiet room for free to meet in.  I worry therefore about the effect on the Garden House cafe just down the road, where loads of groups used to meet.  It all cascades.

Since I moved here, the four nearest pubs to me have closed and been turned into 'luxury flats', and even The Fountain is looking wobbly with its plans for becoming a hotel and building out the back. So if anyone can make a go of opening a decent pub that welcomes the less robust of the locals eg me, good luck to them.  Another pub will pick up trade they lost. They don't serve Guinness at the Beehive, so far. 

I did once try the West Green, which is nearer. That took 30 seconds on the Pam-ometer to take off the list. 

Who exactly is "Tottenham Cake"?

Twitter antagonist. May well also be on HoL for all I know. 

They were a well behaved footie crowd the night i was there, so no problem.  Mind, that was before the match so may have been less than typical re how it could get.

There are just no pubs in Seven Sisters I'd use. The Swan has gone, the Seven Sisters is a Chinese supermarket, the Golden Stool is a tinytesco, the WestGreen see above. Fountain is OK but possibly doomed. There's the one up Seven Sisters road but I've never tried it. I'd love to see the Swan re-open, we could do with a good place to eat + drink while we wait for Wards Corner to re-emerge .

Good luck to them, I haven't found a hostelry I like between black boy lane and the top of west green road, which shows the dearth of decent pubs round here. I have to go up to Green lanes to get a nice pint in nice surroundings, so I hope they make a go off it

It's a great place, very family friendly and very supportive of the local community. They serve Wilde's cheese made around the corner and Redemption ale brewed yards away! Where else in London can you partake in offerings THAT local?



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