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Now that Fastech is closed does anyone know anywhere on that same stretch of Green Lanes where one can print documents?

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Hi Safraz,  Crouch End Momento Print was open last week and I printed there.

great thanks

Closer to home, you could try the Print Gallery, next to Harringay Local Store. 

Are you sure its open though? they didn't answer when I rang

No, but why not try calling Harringay Local: they would probably know.

What sort of printing are you looking for?

Walked past yesterday and Momento too is now closed. 

I am still open for online printing. Studio in Islington but live on the ladder. Email ray@panopus.com and I can print and deliver back to the ladder in the evening or you can pick up from our studio lobby. www.panopus.com. we print anything from A4 returns labels to fine art prints.

mine was just a word document but close to 30 pages and didn't want to use up all my toner

Can do that for you on Monday if you want.  Did some printing for somebody on the Ladder yesterday and it worked a treat. 

that would be great- what do you charge?

None for the delivery on the Ladder  £2.40 for 30 A4 B&W.

that's really reasonable- is there a way of contacting you beyond this website- an email address etc?



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