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Hi, my wife and I bought a ground-floor Victorian flat in Seymour Road a year ago. 

We started renovating our garden, lifting the tiles to put grass. Doing this we discovered something that looks like a fountain or a pond.
It's made out of bricks and some of them have some drawings/inscriptions. The interior part has some concrete (which makes us think that it might not be that old) and in the middle part, there is a small pipe. The shape looks semi-spherical for what we managed to dig around. 
Would anyone be able to give us some insights on what this could be and if it could have any historical value? We would like to know before we carry on with the renovations.
Many thanks, 

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Hi Camille. We exchanged messages on this on the gardening group. I’m on Hewitt and have done a lot of research on Harringay’s history. I’m also on one of the committees of the Hornsey Historical Society. I would love to come and see your discovery if that’s possible.

Hi Hugh! Thanks for your answer, and of course you're welcome to have a look :) I'll message you on Whatsapp.

Actually the Romans used a kind of concrete - not that I'm suggesting this is that old!

Haha well fingers crossed, maybe the state buys it back from us at double the price and we can buy a mansion in Hampstead (no)

I was going to say that too!

I've recently added a piece to the History Group telling that story that emerged from research I did following my visit to Camille and Maca's house.

Well done Hugh - not Roman then? ;) Short of carbon-dating the concrete, I think you've done your best to nail its origins.

The origins became kind of lost in the fun of the stories I discovered.

Sadly, the mystery circle is not concealing Haering's hoard, but I'm even happier with the thought of a structure built to console a widowed publican's wife and financed by Perrier-Jouet from Webster's court case win. 

Hi Camille, yours is almost certainly the house I grew up in.  I always thought it was some kind or flower bed. We used it as a convenient place to sit and have our photos taken. I have attached aphoto taken around 1952/1953 on Hugh's history post.

Love your picture, Geraldine! 😊

Thanks, Elaine.  It's the Buffalo Bill book and the washing on the line that makes it special!



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