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We're just about to have our kitchen ripped out and will be without normal cooking equipment for a few months. Does anyone have a portable induction hob we could buy / borrow? Would be very grateful! Thank you!

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I have one that you can have for free - it doesn't really get use anymore. I've sent you a connection request 

I have one of those electric pans, they are brilliant and very cheap to buy. I use mine a lot so I’m not able to lend it to you, it has almost replaced my hob when cooking for one. I highly recommend getting one as they are so versatile, I even cook pizza in mine. Mine was £12.99 inc free postage on eBay 

Elgetec 1000 Watt Multi Cooker

I Have one you can borrow.....I use it for events but dont need it for next 2 months.....

Thank you very much to Wen we are so thankful. We'll make sure to give away to another home after we have finished our work. Thank you to everyone else who gave advice / offered - I love HoL and its neighborliness! 



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