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Following yestredya's news of the huge River Lee tunnel designed to alleviate sewerage problems of the river Lee, the BBC is today reporting that pollution, partly caused by bad bathroom plumbing, has damaged parts of the Lee Valley in London.

Waterway charity Thames21 said high levels of chemicals and raw sewage in the water had "devastated" some areas. It said a study indicated that chemicals were entering waterways from people's homes.

The Thames21 report concluded the majority of the six rivers running into the River Lea had "severe problems with water quality".

The tests were carried out in November in Hackney, Haringey, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Epping Forest.

Leela O'Dea, environmental manager for London and the Southeast for British Waterways, said that one problem was that people having extensions built on their houses were having their bathrooms plumbed in in the wrong way.

This issue has been raised before on HoL. Not so long ago Thames Water carried out inspections in the area, but as far as I'm aware enforcement has been sporadic.

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As your links show, Hugh, this murky topic regularly bubbles to the surface of HoL. In particular, the last time in June when Liz raised it.

Thames21 has done some valuable work on this and the new report adds valuable evidence. But I'm unclear who in the political field is taking the lead on using the data to successfully campaign for effective action. It's an issue which - unfortunately but understandably - slips down the agenda.

If anyone is involved in the Thames21 campaign or another body which is working on this, I hope they post a comment. Or at least tell us how to get on their emailing list.

1. Have asked T21 via Twitter to come and comment.

2. Mailing list here.

Great!  Thanks Hugh.

There are many other organisations which have some overlap with this issue. Can anyone else on HoL start adding more pieces to the jigsaw?

I had a response of sorts from Thames 21 today. Will you be dropping them a note?



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