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We have dealt with a lot of tradefolk over the years in a rental situation, and now that we finally own a home, finding a reliable plumber was an important task. Particularly as we were in need of the services of one as soon as we moved in.

Neil came via recommendation from a friend and I have yet to be disappointed in any of the services that he has delivered thusfar. Being that I am the first point of contact usually, I value any tradesperson who can speak to a woman without being condescending and who is willing to tell you what things are without being patronising. That is incredibly valuable customer service.

With some of our more complex problems; such as managing limescale within our property - he provided us with plenty of options on how to reduce the impact on our water system. Giving us a full spread of both inexpensive and expensive options with no pressure to select one over the other. Instead providing a professional opinon on each option, including the pros and cons of each.

Appointments have always been within a reasonable amount of time for someone who is in demand, you don't have to wait an excessive length of time for him to come look at the problem, and emergencies do take priority, which is very reasonable. Time-keeping can be a little flexible, but I feel this is completely understandable in the context of the work that he does, and should be expected in such a role.

He has undertaken a number of tasks in our house, from the installation of a new bathroom, to much smaller leaks, the boiler and various plumber-related issues. I have found his approach to be practical and understandable. And I will continue to use his services and have recommended him to a number of other people looking for a good plumber with very reasonable rates and decades of experience within the industry.

Highly recommended, and happy to show pictures of his work if people are interested!

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That’s great for you but I had the opposite experience of Neil. He incorrectly fitted my shower riser, cutting it too short but promised to fix it. He made sure he got payment by using his charm and ensuring he’d return only to then disappear of the face of the earth and block my calls.

A neighbour also had a poor experience with him so please be wary before using Neil Protheroe.

He's certainly very good at getting testimonials

I also had an extremely bad experience of this person, as did two of my friends. He disappeared with my cash leaving the job undone.  He did the same to a friend of mine who fortunately has quite a well-built very assertive husband who was able to make sure he came back and completed the job.

I am naturally very suspicious of all these glowing recommendations he's still managing to get........



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